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Learning Tracks

So, you've got a nice new piece of sheet music! ... uh oh, now what?

Worry not! Flerb's Robo Quartet is here to help! I have to keep my robot minions busy, lest their robot minds turn to the extermination of all humans.

Flerb's Robo Tracks are the simplest, easiest, and most affordable way to learn new music, fast. It takes the guess-work out of figuring out notes, leaving you free to work on higher-level singing techniques with your quartet or chorus during practice. Don't waste any more time learning words and notes! Order your own set of learning tracks today!

To learn more about how to effectively use learning tracks, click the button below.

Click the above button, and Flerb's Robo Quartet will make a set of learning tracks, custom-made for you! This includes making edits to the sheet music, so if the note is too high for your tenor, or you want the tag a little jazzier, or you want it slowed WAY down, we'll make it happen!

The base cost for a simple set of learning tracks is $30, however, some exceptions apply. Click HERE for more information.

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