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Learning Tracks

Let's get you some learning tracks! Send me your sheet music (PDF is fine, but if you have a Finale .MUS, .MUSX or .XML file, that is even better!). 

My Robots will start working on your learning tracks right away. When it starts sounding good, I'll send you a "Full Mix" for you to listen to. I'll make edits based on your feedback, and when you're happy with the learning tracks, I'll send you a PayPal link for payment, then send you your completed set of left-right predominant learning tracks, usually in just a few business days.

The base cost for a set of 4-part learning tracks is $30, and my robots can sing in both male and female voices! However, if your arrangement is more than 4 parts, or is longer than 100 measures, it is substantially more difficult to complete, and extra charges apply. Please click HERE for more information.

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